Booking Agreement – Stonyhurst

  1. The name on the booking must be at least 21 years of age and must present a valid driver’s license and credit card in person at the time of arrival.
  2. Check-In Time is 3:00 pm.
  3. Check-Out Time is 10:00 am.
  4. Late check-in can be arranged. If you are arriving to our hotel after 6pm on the day of your check-in you must make arrangements ahead of time by calling our store (855)738-9283 and we will assist with the late check in process. If you arrive after 6pm and have not made arrangements for late check in you can call 705-731-7551 (Taylor’s Cell). Please do your best to make the late check in arrangements ahead of time.
  5. Please proceed to the Buckeye Surf store located 50 meters across the river from Stonyhurst Inn when you arrive to check-in.

Booking Cancellations and Security Deposits


    1. At the time of booking the customer is required to pay a booking deposit valued at 1 night of their stay. ** 1 night’s stay is calculated using peak season rates.
    2. We require at least 48 hours notice (prior to 10am the first day of your reservation) for cancellation of a booking. If cancellation notice is provided via email or phone call more than 48 hours prior to check-in we will refund your booking deposit. Our check-in time is 10:00am. ***If a booking is cancelled less than 48 hours before the check-in time, the entire booking deposit will be forfeited. The deposit will not be refunded to you and it cannot be applied to a future booking.***
    3. When you check in, we require a valid driver’s license and your credit card. We will process a $200 pre-authorization (security deposit) on a credit card for any damages or incidentals. After checkout, once our staff has had time to inspect the condition of the room the pre-authorization will be released assuming that all outstanding charges (if any) are settled.

Additional Occupants & Other Charges

  1. All rates are quoted at double occupancy. Rooms 2,3,4, and the boathouse have a maximum occupancy of 4 guests, room 1 has a maximum occupancy of 2 guests. If you are bringing additional guests (beyond the base occupancy) additional guests (over the age of 12) will be charged $15 per guest/night. For example, the 3 night rate for room #4 is $450 based on double occupancy. If you are going to have 3 guests using the room, your rate would be $450 + $15*3 = $495. If you were to have room #4 booked for 3 nights and there are 4 guests the rate would be $450 + $15*3 + $15*3 = $540.
  2. If you would like to dock your boat, please note that on your booking form and we will contact you to ensure we have space. Docking fees are $10 per day or $50 per week.
  3. Stonyhurst is proud to be pet friendly. There is an additional $20 charge per stay for guests bringing their pets. We ask that pets be on a leash while walking the property, guests clean up after their pets, and pets are not left alone in the rooms while you are not on the property. We also ask you to use your own discretion when planning to bring your pet. Keep in mind you will be sharing the property with other guests during your stay. If you know that your pet is not good with other animals, people, or children we respectfully ask that you do not bring them along during your stay.